Is it worth marketing on Twitter?

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Is marketing on Twitter worth it?  

In this blog I’ll tell you about some of my favourite things that you’ll only find on Twitter. 

Some of it is absolute genius and an example of how you can market better on this platform.  

Believe me, Twitter marketing is by no means dead in the water. 

Why I love Twitter

For me, the immediacy of the platform and how quickly a single tweet or hashtag can explode and begin trending is an amazing thing to witness.  

I especially love it when tweets bring out that classic Twitter humour and sarcasm. Nothing pleases me more than refreshing my feed on a trending topic to see a well-timed meme or witty remark by users.

People are funny.

And I like funny.  

I’m especially in awe though when it’s part of a clever Twitter marketing tactic which just hits the mark for all the right reasons.  

KFC only follows 11 people on their Twitter account

All the members of the Spice Girls and 6 guys called Herb.  

Yep. 11 herbs and spices. Now that’s finger licking good!  

Its marketing and PR department must have been itching for that chicken to fly the coup. 

Screenshot of KFC’s Twitter Bio

Better still, is a spontaneous flash of pure unforeseen genius from a brands social media team.  

A recent example of this, and case and point of… my well point, is the recent outage of Facebook and its associated apps.  

Whilst Facebook, Instagram and messenger were down, where did people go for their social fix?  

They all flocked to good old Twitter to find out what was going on.  

And Twitters response?  

A simple, well-timed tweet to say, ‘hello literally everyone.’  

Genius (meme of Leonardo Dicaprio raising his martini glass in admiration).  

At the time of writing this blog article that single tweet has gained 596k retweets and 3.3 million likes.  

Well played Twitter. Well played.

Tweet Screenshot

I could go on but instead I’ll share with you 4 ways Twitter marketing can work for your business. 

1. Get the Edge

Okay, so we’re not all multi-million-pound organisations but you can leverage this platform to your advantage.  

Twitter is a great place to start a conversation with your followers, keep in touch with existing clients and get ahead of your competition on trending topics.  

So, make it part of your daily social routine to check your clients’ social feeds and engage with their content. Also check what’s trending. Is there anything which you could relate to your products and services to. If so, simply join in the conversation.  

Even if your products and services don’t fit entirely with the immerging trend, it’s time to get a little more creative.  

This is exactly what McDonald’s did in response to Twitter’s amazing tweet. 

Screenshot of Twitters Tweet

2. Use Twitter Marketing to Raise Your Brand Awareness Game

Being veteran event organisers, we’ve found Twitter to be a fantastic place to raise awareness of our events.  

In 2019, before Covid-19 meant we lost 60% of our business overnight, we generated 522,711 event campaign impressions. For a small team, that’s massive.  

Now don’t get me wrong, your Twitter marketing strategy requires consistency. Tweet customers, followers and basically get involved. Also, make sure when you’re building up your followers, you aim for relevant ones.  

Getting involved in live Twitter Hours is a great way to build up relationships with other businesses whilst raising awareness of your brand. Most tend to be divided into geographical locations, industry, or genres.  

Be sure to check these are active by searching the twitter hour hashtag and checking the last time this was used and how often.  

You can just schedule tweets for these hours, but Twitter is all about the conversation and this type of activity can be a Twitter faux par.  

Remember, building long lasting business relationships requires a two-way conversation not a sales pitch. So be helpful, not salesy.  

Download our FREE Twitter Hour cheat sheet with over 200 local and specialist Twitter hours HERE.

3. Elevate Your Customer Service Strategy

Due to Twitters speed, it is the perfect place to house your company’s customer service channel. Many brands choose to do this as they can answer customer queries in real time and can be actively seen to be helping their customers.  

There’s nothing more annoying than needing to contact a company to resolve a query and having to trawl through endless dead ends on their website to try and contact an actual human being.  

Don’t be that brand. 

Plus, for me, too many years manning a phone in a call centre has left me traumatised and I’d much rather ask for help online than wait on the phone.  

Having social media as part of your communication strategy also means you can, if the situation is appropriate, have fun with your responses. Using emojis and memes can be more relevant and effective at times than just words.  

Hubspot also recommends using your customers tone and language in your customer service conversations.  

I think this example from Argos fits that brief.

Argos Helpers Twitter Response

4. Drive Real-time Engagement at Live Events

Twitter is excellent at driving engagement at live events. All you really need is an event hashtag to get started. Make sure to keep it short, memorable, and relevant to your event. You only get 280 characters per tweet, so don’t take up 50 of them in your hashtag. Also, if it’s too long, users will get sick of typing it out if they tweet 20 times.  

For example, for our event Blackpool Business Expo we used the hashtag #BBE and then the year of the event, so #BBE21. Short, sweet, and relevant. 

Once you’ve settled on your hashtag make sure people know what it is. Include it in all your social media posts, add it to any marketing materials and include it in your social bio’s.  

To create engagement, search your event hashtag and retweet tweets about your event and start conversations with attendees.  

If you’re hosting a corporate event, awards dinner or even a works Christmas party, you could consider using interactive tweet wall software such as Everwall.  

Tweet walls display tweets which include your event hashtag, keywords or even users @names in real-time. They’re fully customisable so you can include your logo, brand colours and more. Update attendees in an instant, create leader boards to encourage a bit of healthy competition and even create polls!  

And the best bit. It also tracks your event hashtag, so you know how many people you’ve reached. Giving you bragging rights after the event and social proof for your event sponsors. 

Just look at how many people we reached one year at Blackpool Expo. Over 900,000 people, with over 6 million absolute reach!

Twitter Results For Blackpool Expo

So, you see, Twitter is not dead and could just be the secret weapon in your social media strategy.  

Do need help with your marketing strategy? If so, get in touch today for a free consultation. 

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