Launch North West Takes the Helm of Wigan Business Awards

Wigan Business Awards logo

In an exciting turn of events, Launch North West has stepped up to spearhead the Wigan Business Awards, following the decision by GM Chamber to relinquish its role. With the full support and blessing of the chamber, Nichola Howard, Wigan President of the Greater Manchester Chamber and a familiar face within the Wigan business community, […]

Business Expo Success: 10 Ways to Attract Visitors to Your Stand 

happy exhibitor on their stand at Blackpool Business Expo

Hey there, savvy exhibitor! Ready to stand out at your next business expo? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’re going to spill the beans on how to attract visitors to your stand and leave a lasting impression – for all the right reasons obvs 😉  1. Create an Eye-Catching […]

What Is a Business Expo and Should You Be There? 

confused business woman

Are you a business owner or a sales manager who’s been mulling over the question: What is a business expo and should you be there? Maybe you’ve brushed it off as something not quite your cup of tea or thought it’s only for the big players in the industry.   Well, hold on to your business […]

Raise Your Business Expo Game: 5 Simple Steps to Exhibition Success 

3 employees from metro rod exhibiting at a business expo

If you’re looking for a way to raise your business expo game, read on.  Exhibiting at events, such as Launch North West Business Expo, provides a unique opportunity to meet customers face to face, boost brand awareness, and establish trust with your target audience.   In fact, experiential marketing, which includes trade shows and in-person events, […]

Is it worth marketing on Twitter?

woman sat looking up the the side holding a laptop

Is marketing on Twitter worth it? In this blog I’ll tell you about some of my favourite things that you’ll only find on Twitter.