Stop it with the elevator pitches, they don’t work

Elevator pitches in a networking setting are pointless, they simply don’t work. 

Since when has networking been about selling?  

Sales come from the relationships you build; that happens over time.   

I don’t care what you do. 

I do care whether I like you or not.  

A few months ago, I stopped attending online networking meetings because I really struggled to engage. 

The thought of sitting there having to listen to 20 or more people talk about what they ‘do’ filled me with dread.  

Pitch after painful pitch.  

Watching the other people on the screen was depressing. Some people were literally yawning the whole way through or looking down doing something on their phones.  

Would you do that face to face?   

No, because it’s bloody rude! 

I’m a people person, I need physical connection. 

60 second pitches are not about connecting. 

I want to get to know the people on my screen. I thrive on connecting with people, it’s my job! 

Deep down we are ALL people persons. We can’t build a business relationship unless we connect. 

Everyone left the meeting as strangers. 

I’ve spent the last few months researching the science behind how we connect with other humans without the physical contact I so desperately miss.   

Here is what I found: 

  • Our brains are hard-wired for story.  
  • We connect with the people who share common ground, people we can relate to. People like us. 
  • There is no better way to share our experiences than by telling a story about something or someone that made a difference to your business.  

You don’t get that connection with other people by pitching a 60 second yawn fests.  

But hearing stories releases a surge of oxytocin. Oxytocin is the ‘moral molecule’ or the ‘love hormone’ it helps people decide if you’re trustworthy, or not! 

Our stories give you an insight into the person, their values and whether you want to put business their way!  

Pre Covid, the easiest way to get your fix of oxytocin was by hugging another person or even shaking hands!  

Provably hearing stories is the next best thing!  

So, when I was sat at home, on the sofa hosting one of our online networking meetings, I asked the attendees to tell a story relating to their business journey, instead of giving us a 60 second pitch. 

They gave it a go.   

We laughed and it felt good. I was also able to remember those that attended without having to look at my registrations.  

Telling your stories is what makes you memorable.  

It’s knowing those stories that defines you.  

So, we’re doing things differently.  

Stop it with the elevator pitches, they just don’t work. 

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