Telling your stories is the key to better business relationships and more sales.

March 22, 2021

How do you communicate with people, make them feel valued and ready to buy from you without selling a thing? 

The sharing of stories speaks to people in a way that makes them decide one way or the other if you’re their kind of person. It helps them get to know you, decide whether they like you and whether you’re trustworthy enough to buy from. 

Nobody likes being sold to.

We all love to buy things, yet no one likes to be sold to. 

The key to making more sales is simple. Build better relationships. 

Getting to know new people at a distance is not the norm but it’s not rocket science either. 

As humans we respond to people like us, people willing to be open and share stories of success as well as stories that could have had a better ending. 

Building successful relationships is about finding common ground, sharing values and connecting on level where the relationship is mutually beneficial. 

Currently we’re reliant on digital conversations but learning how to tell your story without being in the same room as the people you’re talking to is a skill that can be taught. 

Be captivating.

A good story can captivate people almost as if it was being told to their face, because it will make them feel something. 

The people I look up to are great story tellers, they share their experiences to guide you and help you avoid pitfalls.  

They have lived and breathed their businesses and still here to tell the tales, the good, the bad and the ugly. 

They’re ready to connect on a personal level.  

They’re relatable. 

They’re honest. 

And they understand. 

And here’s the thing, people buy the most when they feel appreciated and understood. 

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Nichola Howard

Nichola Howard

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