Whatever marketing challenges you’re facing right now, we would love to talk to you about it. 

Nichola Howard

Managing Director



Building a small business can be a challenge… I’ve learned that the hard way over the last 20 years. 

My experience means I know a lot of things, most importantly how to build a business on strong foundations.   

I’ve surrounded myself with a team of skilled people along the way so now I’m helping ambitious business owners like you benefit from all of my mistakes… so you don’t have to make them for yourself. 

Launch North West works by plugging you into our huge network of businesses, partners and support organisations, meaning we can help small businesses punch above their weight and get more out of the time and resources they invest in their business. 

Your success often depends on being seen by the people who count – new customers, partners and investors. 

I can help with that. 

Other Roles:

Wigan Vice President of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and forward board member of the GMCC Business Group.
Mentor on the FreelanceHER100 program. 
Media Cubs Leader. Broadcasting Confidence one mini reporter at a time​.

Jo Leigh

Marketing & CREATIVE Director

photograph of Jo Leigh, Marketing and Creative director of Launch North West



My job is to help businesses do better marketing.  

If you don’t understand your customer’s motivations, your business goals, or your organisation’s capabilities to achieve these, chances are you’re not getting the results you deserve.  

This is where I come in.  

Ever heard the saying ‘The customer is always right’? Well, I believe in doing what’s right for the customer, so I won’t recommend anything I don’t think you need to succeed.  

Not all marketing tactics will work for everyone, it’s all about finding what works for you and doing more of that. 

As Creative Director, I’ll also make sure you look good whilst doing it.  

Being a working mum of three and co-owner of the business, I know first-hand how it feels to be where you are now. So, whether you need some guidance on what to do next or are looking to outsource your marketing activity to someone who knows how, I can help. 


Strategic thinkingeye for design, customer service, and sarcasm.

Industry Qualifications:

BA (Hons) Degree in Digital Marketing – First Class.

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship – Distinction.

IDM Certificate in Digital and Data Driven Marketing.




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photo is a selfie of Nichola and Jo from Launch Northwest at Jo's graduation ceremony at UCLan

Jo graduates from the University of Central Lancashire.

Jo earned a First Class Honours Degree in Digital Marketing with a Distinction in her apprenticeship. She also earned a place on the Dean’s List for exemplary scholarship.

15 December 2021
jo leigh from launch north west with her IDM certification in data and digital marketing

Jo earns her IDM qualification in Data and Digital Marketing.

20 May 2021
Launch North West Logo

Rebrand & Relaunch of Launch North West.

23 March 2021
Photo of Nichola and Jo hiding

The Pandemic Pivot

The day the Global Pandemic officially hit the UK and the point where we knew we had to rebrand and pivot our business.

March 2020

The First Launch Learning Event Is Hosted At Launch Events HQ

October 2019
Image shows Nichola's Wigan Vice President of the Greater Manchester Chamber of commerce name badge on a table

Nichola Announced As Wigan VP Of The GM Chamber Of Commerce

October 2019
Nichola and Jo stood with Leigh Business Expo's 5th Birthday cake

Leigh Business Expo Takeover

Launch Events officially take over running Leigh Business Expo on its 5th Birthday.

May 2019

Jo Starts Her Digital Marketing Degree At UCLAN

September 2018

The Wigan Business Awards

Nichola judges The Wigan Business Awards for the first time.

September 2018

Digital Marketing Roadshow Preston

November 2017
Launch Events Logo

Launch Events Corporate Rebrand

Launch Events rebrand away from artisan events to corporate exhibitions and conferences.

October 2017

Finalist For ‘Small Business Of The Year’

Finalist for ‘Small Business of the Year’ at the Eva Awards in Blackpool.

September 2017

Digital Marketing Roadshow Wigan

June 2017

Jo Officially Joins The Business Full Time!

May 2017

Digital Marketing Roadshow Kicks Off

The Digital Marketing Roadshow launches in Blackpool with stops at Wigan and Preston planned during 2017.

March 2017

Head and Neck Cancer Conference

November 2016

Media City Expo Is Launched

May 2016

Blackpool Expo Relaunch

The relaunch of Blackpool Business Expo at The Village Hotel.

September 2015

The First Bolton Expo

Launch of Bolton Expo at the Holiday Inn.

May 2015

The First Blackpool Expo

First Blackpool Expo launched at Ribby Hall.

February 2015

Second Christmas Market Location

We launched a second location for our annual Christmas Markets held at Leigh Sport Village. Visitors were queuing around the stadium! We needed more space!

December 2014

First Venture Into The B2B Arena

Wigan Business Expo was already established, what’s good enough for Wigan is good enough for Leigh. Local printers Collins and Darwell, asked us to help organise the first annual Leigh Business Expo.

11th July 2014

Our First Annual Christmas Market Held At Formby Hall, Atherton.

1300 people visited us in one day. Massive success and amazing feedback. Cemented our relationship with our stallholders meaning they stayed with us and became our friends.

24th November 2013

Our First-Ever Event

We hosted our first ever event which was a Mother’s Day Night of Indulgence and sold 300 tickets.

March 2013

Launch Events North West Is Born

After moving back home after 11 years living and running a soft furnishing business in Cambridge Nichola wanted to start up again. 

Trying to build her network locally she became disheartened going to events with no footfall, so she decided to host her own and convinced her sister Jo (not that she needed much persuading) to help her.

So, this is where the Launch North West journey began…

November 2012
Launch_NW Website_homepage_page_1_balloon_image_3
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Launch_NW Website_homepage_page_1_balloon_image_3 (1)
light blue hot air balloon

We’ve come a long way since we launched in 2013 hosting artisan events and now we’re focused on helping businesses like yours get seen and heard by more of the right people and profit from the resources you already have.