Pulling out all the stops

The Snug Coffee House Transformation

Tucked away off the Atherton high street down a short, cobbled path is a little gem of a place The Snug Coffee House. 

Here you find a small and proud independent business performing as a Coffee shop by day and a small music venue by night.  

Owner Rachael Flaszazck has always had big plans to support the grassroots music scene.  

Although The Snug’s extensive family has many talents, both hidden and not so hidden, they realised early on that building websites were not one of its fortes.  

As always – the problem being – not enough hours in the day.  

There was a lack of overall consistency with the look and feel of the business both off and online. Add to this their vision of a ‘coffee shop by day’ and ‘small music venue by night’ just added to the confusion.

Jo Leigh - Launch NW

Websites were just not The Snugs forte

Snug Owner Rachael Flaszazck said, ‘Before we signed with Launch, our website and overall company branding was a bit all over the place. We had no real connection between our website, socials and the rest of the business.’ 

‘I knew there was lots more to creating a functional website, that contained all the things we needed as a coffee shop and music venue than we first anticipated.’

‘This was a steep learning curve, we initially struggled to get our heads around it all soon realising that our other priorities running the business meant it was difficult to find the time.’ 

However, all was about to change due to Covid-19.  

Although The Snug had to temporarily close its doors to its patrons, it took the opportunity to reach a whole new audience, whilst supporting the entertainment industry, another major victim of the ongoing pandemic. 

They knew that its digital transformation was going to be key to its future. 

The funding it had received during lockdown was an excellent opportunity to fix that, but they just needed a little help. 

Rachael continued. 

“During the COVID lockdown, we received funding from the arts council and thought we would spend any extra money on improving our image and branding.  

When we initially tried to create a website, we had help from friends and family, but the website wasn’t functional and we needed help.  

That’s when we decided to sign up with Launch North West to help us with the website and overall branding for the business.

Singing from the same hymn sheet

We had worked with the Snug on a few projects over the years and we have been customers from the beginning, knowing Rachael and understanding Rachael’s vision was the key to meeting her brief. 

In Rachael’s words, this was the result. 

‘In a short space of time, we now have a brand new bespoke and functional website created from scratch which has everything we need for our customers to have the best experience with us.’ 

image shows the snug website on a number of devices

‘We also now have a strong brand image with everything from our social media marketing to our logo now pointing in the same and the right direction giving us the consistency we needed to boost our brand recognition.

‘Nichola and Jo have also helped in training our new digital marketing apprentice, who is now a very capable employee and is now capable of controlling the social marketing within the business, setting ourselves up for the future.’ 

‘Now launch NW are there for us whenever we need good and sound advice on any new directions that we want to take the business.’  

‘We are working on new projects together such as sponsorship packages and networking to help take our business to the next level.’

If your branding isn’t on point and you don’t know where to start, contact us today and let’s have a coffee.

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