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What is digital marketing?

The father of marketing himself (Kotler) states the official definition of digital marketing, as:  

‘Using digital marketing tools such as websites, social media, mobile apps and ads, online video, email and blogs to engage consumers anywhere, at any time, via their digital devices.’ 

Will my business benefit from digital marketing?

The simple answer is yes. What business wouldn’t benefit from greater brand awareness and the ability to reach and engage with more of its customers. The trick is to do this effectively and that’s where we come in. With nearly two thirds of the world’s population actively using the internet as of January 2021, that’s a lot of potential customers to engage with. 

What if I don’t see results?

Digital marketing is not an exact science. It’s more about finding what works and doing more of thatWe never over promise and make sure you are aware of what we are doing and why. Walways make sure you are profiting from the resources you already have before recommending you add any additional tools or platforms to your digital inventory. Before we set out on any digital marketing plan, we make sure this aligns with your overall business goals. 

Am I tied into a contract?

That depends, we don’t have a crystal ball.  Sometimes we need time to test what may or may not work and so in those circumstances we require at least a 3-month commitment from you.  

What are your prices?

Our prices are dependent on your individual requirements and how quickly you need to get results.

Why should I outsource my marketing to you?

Often as a business owner you wear many hats. Jack of all trades and master of all! 

One minute you’re an accountant the next you’re knee deep in admin. We get it, we’ve been where you are now. But outsourcing key business activities can actually be more productive especially if those areas involve a certain level of expertise.  

Outsourcing your marketing to us will not only free up resources so you can concentrate on running your business, but you’ll also be outsourcing your marketing to experts. Doing what we’re great at so you have the time to do what you’re great at. 

Why do I need a marketing strategy?

Marketing is a science and requires a strategy.   

Our method means you invest in your business at the right time in the right place, increasing the effectiveness of your marketing activity and the lifetime value of your customers. Having a marketing strategy ensures any activity you embark on links back to your overall business goals, whether that is to increase leads, raise your brand awareness or increase customer retention.  

When should I update my website?

Websites can be a powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal but if it doesn’t reflect you and your business in a favourable way, it could be doing more harm than good.  

Sometimes all you need a little refresh, but often it might be worth starting from scratch to build something which is truly reflective of your brand and is a functioning asset to your business needs.  

Digital marketing is just too expensive / I can do this myself cheaper.

We get that handing over a chunk of money for something you don’t quite understand is a daunting task. Believe us, we’ve been there. And yes, some forms of digital marketing, like the cost of a new website, might seem like a huge layout. However, if you start to look at marketing as an investment in your business and the returns you can reap from that investment, it really is a no brainer. 

What is social media management?

Social media management is where we take over the running of your social media accounts for you, so you can sit back, relax and focus on running your business. 

Do I really need social media for my business?

In 2020 a quarter of marketers reported that social media was their top digital marketing tactic. So, it’s a safe bet that some form of social media will be suited to your business. We won’t recommend a platform we don’t think will work for you. 

What’s included in your social media management packages?

All packages include elements of graphic creation, content curation, posting to your page and the answering and monitoring of messages to your profiles.  

Does this involve setting up my social accounts?

We can setup your social media accounts for you, but this is usually at an extra one-off cost per platform. This includes full optimisation and any branded graphics needed for the profile. 

How often will you be posting on my social media?

It’s not all about the frequency of posts on social media, although that is an important aspect, it’s more about what types of content you post and whether that resonates with your audience. We work with you to understand your end goals and the reason you want to use social media. Don’t get me wrong, we’re huge fans of social and its ability to help businesses reach more of their customers, but we will only recommend channels and strategies which will help you reach your business goals. 

How do I know what you’re doing for me is working?

Before we commence work on your project, we will identify and agree KPI’s and a measure these at relevant intervals to monitor progress. This will then be fed back to you at agreed points of contact by whatever means you prefer. Whether that’s a weekly call, written reports or video chat. 



What if I don’t like what you design?

Before we begin any design project, we like to sit down with you and have a chat, preferably over a nice brew and find out more about you, your business and more importantly the results you want to achieve. From here we will put together some initial designs or concepts for you to look at and provide feedback. Once you’ve decided upon an initial design, we will then go on to develop this further into the final design with more tweaks if needed to make sure you’re happy with the end result. 

I can do this cheaper myself.

Do that then. 

We’ve spent a good few years honing our design skills. We know what graphic size fits where and what file format is needed for digital and non-digital design projects. However, if you think this is something you want to try yourself, we encourage you to have a go. If you simply don’t have the time or inclination, contact us instead.  

Do I own the IP rights on anything you design for me?

If you’ve paid for it, you own it. If we’ve designed something big for you such as a website, we might ask that you credit us on the footer. You can also tag us or give us a shout out on social! 

What types of things do you design?

Whatever you need, we can usually design it. From printed marketing materials like leaflets, banners and business cards, to digital assets like web design, presentations and graphic packs and everything in between.  



Is it only one per sector permitted at your networking events?

No, unlike other networking meetings, everyone is welcome. We find that although there could be two printers for example, they may specialise in different techniques which could open up the opportunity to collaborate with each other. 

What measures have you taken in terms of Covid-19?

Using government guidelines, we have developed our own Covid Policy for our networking events which you can view HERE. 

Is it members only?

The only requirement for membership is that you show up as you, a smile on your face and that you ditch the pitch at the door.  

These meets are designed so we can show you how to find, win and keep more customers through understanding the power of your people. 

Simply book the meeting you want to attend, pay and rock up! 

Why get involved?

Businesses grow by building new relationships, FACT. 

Ask yourself this, who better tell someone about your business than you? 

Are there any other opportunities available at your networking events?

You can upgrade your ticket to allow you to pop your leaflets on the tables and put up a banner in the room which will be captured in the photography on the day and increase awareness of your brand. 

Creating opportunities to make people notice you is what we do best. 

What about sponsorships?

Sponsoring one of our events gives you meaningful access to our event audience.  

This is the kind of Influence that other forms of advertising can’t buy. 

There are many types of sponsorship opportunities available to collaborate with us at our events which provide measurable outcomes over promises giving our sponsors a compelling return on their investment 

If you’ve got any other questions, click here to get in touch with a member of our team.